Welcome to Our Website!

Welcome to our website! We are very excited to share our stories with you. We love to create things, especially books and art—which is what you will find here. A lot of what we create is inspired by a love for our culture and our languages.

This company has been a dream of ours for a very long time. Growing up, there were so many stories we read and loved but that we wished featured more characters and content that was reflective of who we were as Indigenous Peoples. This became even more important to us when we became aunties and mothers. We are very lucky to live in a time when the tools to publish and share your stories are available to everyone.

We’re launching our company with three books that we feel are reflective of what we hope to produce in the future. The first is called Spirit & Intent. It’s an illustrated collection of short stories that were inspired by themes and events in Haudenosaunee history—in particular, the story of Jikonsaseh, the woman in the Great Law. The second is a children’s book that was inspired by what we were learning about Treaties and this awesome, natural wisdom we saw in our very young people. It’s called Treaty Baby. And the third is a young adult story called The Vampire Skeleton. It’s very loosely inspired by old stories of the same name but takes place in a contemporary setting and has a dose of romance and magic in it. You can preview these stories on our Books page!

We have three more books scheduled to come out this year as well as some books in the language and we will talk about those, as well as the books we’ve already released, in subsequent posts. Until then, please feel free to have a look around and check out Alyssa’s art!

Nya:węh for visiting our site. Until next time!