The Vampire Skeleton - Available Now!

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This week, we're featuring The Vampire Skeleton, a YA paranormal/fantasy story set in the fictional community of Harrowstone and the City of Brantwood. 

Here's the synopsis:

Living in Harrowstone means you either follow the rules—or risk exile to the outside world. Rowen is the healer’s apprentice. The rules have never bothered her—until a vampire attacks her community and hurts one of the people she cares about most.
Suddenly, Rowen is forced to make a life-altering decision—hunt the vampire or let her best friend die.
But hunting a vampire isn’t as easy as it sounds and soon enough, Rowen finds herself needing help. Enter Cruz, wealthy businessman and vampire overlord of the City of Brantwood. He’s the only person powerful enough to help Rowen save her friend and naturally—his help comes at a price.
Will Rowen agree to pay it? And what will her decision cost her?

This book is available as an ebook through Kobo and Amazon. Paperbacks are available through Amazon and our online store.

Stay tuned for our books coming to more distributors and stores near you! And once again, thank you for your support!