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Nya:węh sgę:nǫˀ swagwe:gǫh!

Here we are again—Book Launch Day!—and we are so excited to present our new titles. We have two of them for you today, in two different languages!

First up is We Give Our Thanks, the new children’s book by Spirit & Intent’s Chief Creative Officer Sara General!

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A follow up to our previous children’s title Treaty Baby, this newest release shows us how important having gratefulness is in everything we say and do. With delightful writing by Sara and beautiful illustrations by Spirit & Intent'’s Art Director Alyssa General, We Give Our Thanks is sure to be a treat for readers of all ages!

Next, we are so happy to introduce the second in our Cayuga language book series, Akwa:ji:yaˀ!

Cayuga Book Cover.jpg

The follow-up to our 2017 title Haˀde:yǫ: Age:gęˀ Asdeh, Akwa:ji:yaˀ continues SI’s commitment to supporting Indigenous language learning at Six Nations.


Written by Spirit & Intent’s Language Director Kehte Deer, the story of Akwa:ji:yaˀ is written entirely in Cayuga, using beginner vocabulary focused on the theme of “family” (mother, father, etc). Finally, colourful images by Sara General bring the words to life.


Like our previous Cayuga book, Akwa:ji:yaˀ also contains grammar lessons at the back for those looking to dive in a bit more. We hope that our teachers and parents find it a fun little story, and another useful aid to learning Gayogo̲ho:nǫˀ!


Toh tsǫ:! We hope you enjoy these new titles and we look forward to bringing you more soon! As always, all of our books are available at our online store. Order yours today! 


Happy reading!