Sara General - Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Odadrihonyanisoh (Sara General) belongs to the Turtle Clan and the Mohawk Nation. She lives in the community of Six Nations by the Grand River on Turtle Island with her husband and daughters. She is a writer, a language learner and a researcher. One of her early stories “Going the Distance” was published in Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings by Theytus Books. Her next work is a young adult fantasy novel called The Fortune Teller’s Daughter. Visit her website at




Alyssa M. General - Art Director

Alyssa M. General is an artist, poet, and film-maker from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She has created illustrations for the Kanyen’kéha children’s show, Tóta tánon Ohkwá:ri, and has collaborated with other Mohawk speakers on a series of short, educational films in the language. She also received national recognition for her poem “Enkonte’nikonhrakwaríhsya’te”.  


Kehte Deer - Language Director

Roronhiakehte (Kehte) Deer belongs to the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan. He lives at Six Nations of Grand River with his wife and daughters. He holds a Masters in Linguistics from Western University. He speaks the Cayuga language and continues to learn Mohawk and Onondaga. He has been involved in language revitalization projects for over fifteen years. As Spirit & Intent's Language Director, he is involved in all aspects of the book creation process, including writing, editing and illustration.